Friday, October 9, 2015

You're not listening to the 16th best WKRP podcast on iTunes... you're listening to the 14th.

Wow, so much to say this fine Friday morning. Let's start with the big news:


This is where we ask you, our loyal listeners who have been with us through thick and thin the past half a year, to do us a favor to help us raise our standing on the iTunes store and get news of the podcast out to people using iTunes:

1. Please go to iTunes or to the Podcasts app on your iPhone and hit Subscribe. Subscribing to our podcast will not only bring you new episodes as we charge through Season 2 but also help us raise our profile on the iTunes store. If you've listened to one or more episodes of our podcast, please take the time to write a review on your Podcasts app or on iTunes, under the "Reviews" tab on Podcasts or "Reviews and Ratings" on iTunes. If you are so inclined, please both write a review and give our podcast a Star rating, because both of these will help people find Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser.

In short, writing a review is best, a Star rating is next best, and Subscribing is next best after that, but ALL THREE are awesome.

2. Even if you've heard them all, and you've got room on your iPhone, iPad, or desktop, download all 13 episodes; that's 13 more downloads to push us up the rankings.

3 is optional, but please let everyone know on social media that our Season 2 debut episode will be dropping next Wednesday, October 14, and feel free to use the above iTunes web link to lead people to the podcast!

Whew. Enough shilling for iTunes for a while. Let's shill for something completely different.

Tomorrow night! Rob and I are spinning tunes from 1978 and 1979! Popular hits from the twelve month period of the first season of WKRP, as well as songs featured on the show. So yeah, you're not going to be hearing Joy Division or anybody like that on this podcast; this is what pop radio would've been playing back then. So that means lots of smyooooooth music! And some classic rock, and disco, and maybe even a few "alternative" hits.

So join us at on Saturday night, October 10, from roughly 8 pm to 10-ish pm, where Rob and I will spin tunes, talk about music and pop culture, and maybe even talk about the podcast?

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