Thursday, April 1, 2021

Now In Re-Runs!

Listen up, fellow babies: Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser is now in re-runs!

Today--April 1, 2020--was the five-year anniversary of the very first episode of HMOTD (and the great Gordon Jump's birthday). At the risk of indulging restorative nostalgia, Mike and I are reposting the podcast, one episode a week, to the original feed. No new content, I'm afraid, but perhaps remembering 2015 remembering 1978 will help you while away some of 2020. Our 52 episodes should wrap up right around our six-year anniversary (and Gordon Jump's next birthday).

You can still find every episode of HMOTD right here at the website:

And if you're just discovering us, or rediscovering us, you can subscribe to HMOTD in a variety of ways: