Your Hosts

Michael Grasso is a native of Boston, Massachusetts who watched entirely too much TV (and entirely too much TV about UFOs) in his impressionable youth. At 12 he became a fully accredited 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master before the first of many edition changes to 2nd. His teenage and college years were spent listening to the Pixies, Throwing Muses, and Blake Babies, wearing lots of grunge-issued flannel and pair after pair of Chuck Taylors. After kicking around the halls of corporate training and education for a decade or two, over the past year he's entered into a career as a museum professional, where he is much happier and much more likely to break into spontaneous lectures on Emperor Rudolf II, Cold War think-tanks, or why the series finale of Lost was so damned disappointing. He still lives in Boston with his irrepressible British-born, New Zealand-raised wife and a small, even more irrepressible dog.

Rob MacDougall claims to be Wendigo University’s Ignatius L. Donnelly Professor of Old Weird American, Secret Canadian, Gilded Age, Digital, Geek, Gaming, Big, Alternate, and Two-Fisted History. But a lot of that is made up. He hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he grew up in a wood-paneled rec room with only an orange plaid couch, a bean bag chair, and three TV channels to care for him. Oh, plus loving, supportive parents, a brother and sisters, and eventually a Nintendo. Rob got a Ph.D. in History from Harvard, and he wrote a book about the early history of the telephone. He teaches U.S. history and is now writing a book about 19th-century pseudoscience. He lives in London – not that London, the one in Canada, which is perfectly nice and has 26 Tim Hortonses – with his brainy, patient wife and two adorable kids. He keeps talking about making another podcast about Serious History Stuff, but for some reason this WKRP podcast got made first.


  1. I brought my sons to MIssissauga Canada from UK in 1974. Makes tem just about the same age as you and shows me another side of their life

  2. Confused by new episode. Did you cover the 4th season of the original show?