Monday, October 26, 2015

We're Talkin' Basebaaallll...

Have you got World Series fever yet? Not feeling the Mets/Royals matchup in 2015? Then come back in time with us to 1979:

Yes, it's the "We Are Family" Pittsburgh Pirates prevailing in a seven-game series against the "Adorable Mascot That Little Mike Loved" Baltimore Orioles. But maybe you're not into exciting seven-game Series matchups and bright yellow pillbox baseball caps. Maybe you prefer sitcoms taking to the baseball field. Okay, we can hook you up there too.

The third episode of WKRP In Cincinnati's second season, titled "Baseball," actually aired on Monday, October 15, the night after Pittsburgh saved their season with a clutch 7-1 Game 5 win over Baltimore to send the Series back to Baltimore. The WKRP crew's timing was excellent.

And so is ours! We hope that after you finish watching Game 1 of the Mets and Royals on Tuesday night, you won't be too hung over with baseball to listen to HMOTD 015, which drops Wednesday morning, October 28!

(Terry Cashman's "Willie, Mickey, and the Duke (Talkin' Baseball)" from 1981, sadly not contemporary with the 1979 Series but definitely heavy with '70s-style '50s nostalgia.)

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