Monday, October 12, 2015

"Do you like Bogart?" "Humphrey? Oh yeah." "He's dead now."

Well, Bogie may be dead but we here at Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser are very much alive and kicking! And will you look at what we've been up to!

Yes, that's right, not only are we "big in Canada" (top image, and yes, you see correctly, we ARE beating the Trailer Park Boys) but as of yesterday we began our tenure at the top of New & Noteworthy on the U.S. iTunes Store's TV and Film section as well! And we're still hanging on on the History section of the Society & Culture page (bottom image) in the U.S., which in a strange way I'm even more proud of.

We're absolutely over the moon at all the great reviews and support we've gotten from you, our loyal Season 1 early adopters. So let's talk about what's ahead.

On Wednesday we're releasing HMOTD 014, which covers the Season 2 premiere two-parter, "For Love or Money," where Johnny's ex-girlfriend Buffy comes to Cincinnati from California. And we really couldn't have picked a better guest host for these episodes than Lenore MacAdam. To say more would be spoiling this extra-length season premiere episode of Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser. But you are in for a treat.

Now that we've got a solid presence on iTunes... keep rating and reviewing and downloading and subscribing! We've got another few weeks in our New & Noteworthy window on the iTunes Store, and we want to make sure we get in front as many new fans as we can!

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