Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HMOTD 014: We Don't Know Any Chad

Mike & Rob kick off Season 2 with special guest Lenore MacAdam and a great WKRP two-parter, "For Love Or Money." When an old flame comes to town, things get zany--and that happens to Johnny Fever as well!

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Check out this episode!


  1. Best episode ever! I had a lot of fun and many laughs tuning into this one. And for reasons you've explained now to all your listeners, Rob, there were many inside jokes I got revel in once again. And excellent guest hosting, Lenore. You perfectly preserved HMOTD's delicate balance between informed academic insight and silly, anarchic riffing on trivial pop-culture nonsense. Of course, that nonsense is stuff I care about deeply and to which I have devoted far too much of my time.

  2. You guys rock! I have just finished listening to the 1st season podcasts, and like WKRP you guys have gotten better and better each time. The Season 1 wrap-up episodes were killer.

    In this episode, when you said Johnny's bleeped out line in Johnny Comes Back being 'jive ass' "isn't canon" I laughed my head off. The fact that you go so far as to clarify that it's just a common theory and not confirmed fact just shows how deeply you are both rooted in WKRP nerd-dom, and that's just fantastic lol! (BTW my theory is that he says "shit-faced" - watch it again and see if it doesn't line up perfectly with his mouth movements ha!)

    1. Hi Doug / "Johnny":

      Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. Thanks so much for listening & commenting here; I ESPECIALLY appreciate the love for the S1 wrapups (if you've heard the S2 wrapup, you'll know I feel they deserve more love).

      "Shit-faced" is believable as the sort of thing Howard Hesseman might ad lib. I will watch closely next time I see that one.

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