Monday, April 6, 2015

WKRP in the WSJ

Hey, check this out: The following article was published in the Wall Street Journal on September 18, 1978, the day that WKRP in Cincinnati premiered on CBS. The article discusses WKRP's debut and describes the filming of WKRP's fourth episode, "Hoodlum Rock." We discuss that episode, and this article, in our second podcast, which comes out this Wednesday.

(Click through for the full article in PDF.)

Click through for the whole article in PDF. It's a great picture of the show in embryo, and a funny snapshot of the TV business at that time--it took 25 million viewers to be "on the way to becoming" a hit!

I'm happy to say we won't need those kind of numbers to consider ourselves a hit. As of this writing, our pilot podcast has been downloaded 200 times, which is humbling and kind of ridiculous. Thanks so much for checking out the show, and please continue spreading the word. Our next podcast, featuring WKRP episodes 3 & 4, "Les on a Ledge" and "Hoodlum Rock," will be posted here on Wednesday morning. But remember that you can subscribe and get every episode automatically by plugging the address of our RSS feed into the podcast app of your choice: 

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