Friday, April 3, 2015

Show notes for HMOTD 001: Booger

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Also note: These show notes do contain spoilers for our podcast. They're intended for those who've already listened.

4:30 Greil Marcus’s The Dustbin of History can be found here.

7:00 I don’t have $80 to blow on this, but just LOOK at this thing. For a TV nerd, that looks like an endless source of never-wases and couldn’t-bes.

9:30 But you should blow ~$80 on Shout! Factory’s WKRP boxed set. Other than TV sitcoms and great animated series, Shout! has kept MST3K alive on video for over a decade. As a BIG MSTie, this pleases me.

12:05 In the 1981 Grey Cup, the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Ottawa Rough Riders, 26-23. Edmonton scored only one rouge, in the second quarter. #CanCon

12:30 A Wikipedia article about the loss of Doctor Who episodes mentioning the ephemeralness of videotape in the 1960s and '70s.

21:00 When I think about iconic sitcom objects, I’m naturally thinking of the Smithsonian’s exhibits on American TV.

25:00 People have been mocking Lawrence Welk for being square since the FIFTIES. Thank you, Stan Freberg.

30:20 Wally Schirra played by the legendary Lance Henriksen in The Right Stuff. No reason to mention this, other than I love Lance Henriksen.

31:45 I can’t go off on a 1970s cults tangent, because I will be here all day, but you can watch Robert Stack beat up a bunch of cultists at the airport.

34:35 We got both Pulp Fiction and a Blue Album track onto this podcast. The dream of the 90s is alive on podcasts!

36:40 Apparently there are multiple commentaries out there on YouTube overlaid on KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. Most by KISS fans, which I find somehow oddly endearing.

41:00 Here's an excellent WBCN oral history. And a nice note: the producers and creators of WKRP made sure to take the station down from 50,000 watts to 5,000 watts after the pilot.


  1. I just realized this morning: that KISS poster was the inspiration for Milla Jovovich's art project in Dazed and Confused!

  2. The 50,000 watt station in Cincinnati is WLW. Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame got his start at WLW.