Thursday, April 2, 2015

It is time for this town to get DOWN!

Some thoughts the day after our first episode went live...

First of all, thanks to everyone who's posted a link, downloaded and listened, or otherwise boosted our signal. We're very grateful and honestly pleasantly surprised at the response and reaction thus far.

Wednesdays are when our episodes will go live and be available for download, and on Fridays we'll present you with our collective "Directors' Cut" notes about references, errata, and other interesting facts about the episodes of WKRP we've just reviewed, so expect that tomorrow. These notes will contain spoilers for the episode just "aired," so keep that in mind if you plan to follow this blog.

I've just listened to my esteemed co-creator's edit of Episode 3 (due up on U.S. Tax Day, the 15th), and it is a doozy. A lot of stuff very near and dear to my own heart, and if you've liked our hazy, misty look at our respective childhoods in the late '70s, well, you're going to especially like this one.

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