Monday, June 22, 2015

Updating the Rolodex

Hey everyone! We've got a new episode dropping Wednesday morning: it's "A Commercial Break" (i.e., the funeral home jingle episode) and "Who Is Gordon Sims" (i.e., the Venus Flytrap secret origin episode). And as of last weekend, we've officially recorded our last podcast episode for Season 1 of WKRP in Cincinnati. What does this mean? A few things, actually:

1. We are going to record a Season 1 wrap-up and summary podcast. We won't focus on specific WKRP episodes in this episode, but rather look back at Season 1 as a whole, our favorite moments on the show so far, air some unreleased tidbits from previous podcasts that didn't make it to air, and most importantly... answer some listener mail! So we need you to ask us questions about WKRP, the podcast, bits from the podcast you liked, and so on! You can reach us at:

2. We're going to take a short break releasing episodes after our Season 1 wrap-up episode drops (tentatively on August 5). We're going to work during August to get a few more Season 2 podcasts in the can because...

3. We're releasing to iTunes in September! Not sure when, not sure where, but it will happen. When we do release to iTunes, we're going to need all of your help, our loyal early adopter listeners, during that crucial first week or two to get us the biggest impact on iTunes as possible. That means downloads of our episodes, reviews, and other positive movement on the iTunes Podcast charts to get the most eyeballs and earbuds on HMOTD possible.

As usual, we're indebted to all of you for your support during the production of this first season of podcasts and with your continued help, we're hoping to get bigger and better from here on out!

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