Monday, June 8, 2015

Suits, Dungarees, They All Adore Her

They think she's a righteous dude.

New Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser drops Wednesday morning.


  1. The first rule of Bailey/Jennifer club is.....

  2. I guess we can expect some Edie McClurg love on this next episode...

    1. Terry: absolutely. After discovering to our genuine shock that Edie McClurg was only in THREE episodes of WKRP, we had to give our paean to her during "Never Leave Me Lucille." There's just too much happening in "Real Families" to give her her due then.

  3. It might be that the episode about payola was played less. You might recall that the Payola$ had trouble getting their songs played in America because of negative reaction to the band's name by large radio stations, prompting them to change their name at least twice. (I read it on Wikipedia, so it's all true.)