Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On Hold No More! HMOTD Season 4 Premiere Date Announced!

Been sitting patiently by your phone, wondering where the fourth and final season of Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser is? Well, wonder no more!

Our fourth and final season of the podcast will kick off two weeks from today, Wednesday, June 28, with a look at WKRP In Cincinnati's memorable two-part Season 4 premiere, "An Explosive Affair, Parts 1 and 2." This is a pair of episodes we've been anxiously awaiting since basically the podcast started, and we had a great time looking at The Last Temptation of Arthur, Black Monday, Purple Cows, and of course the immortal Phone Cops.

Barring the unforeseen, we'll continue with our biweekly release schedule for Season 4, which means this fourth and final season of HMOTD will end right around the end of 2017!

As usual, we'll do a Monday Post before each new podcast with some thoughts on the upcoming podcast episode, and on Fridays at noon Eastern after new episodes drop, you'll get, as always, our detailed Show Notes.

We have some very special guests lined up for Season 4, including one for our look at "An Explosive Affair," and we're looking at some very cool features for our final two wrap-up podcasts after we've finished covering all of Season 4's WKRP episodes.

Until then! Add us on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Android, Stitcher, and Google Play!


  1. Welcome back! And with my favorite episode(s)!

  2. Season Four looks good and will definitely start off with a bang...oh, sorry.

  3. ah i can't wait! i've been checking in.... far too often to see if you'd announced anything yet :p i'm probably the only person under twenty who's obsessed with this show and the fandom is pretty Slim, so your podcast is basically my livelihood XD