Monday, June 26, 2017

"Ample evidence of a once proud civilization."

Well, here we are. About to begin our final journey into the world of WKRP In Cincinnati! Rob and I are so excited to be back on the air this coming Wednesday to take you through the excellent Season 4 two-part premiere, "An Explosive Affair." We've brought back our guest host from our Season 2 premiere, Lenore MacAdam, to cover this tale of urgent emergencies, Purple Cows, and, of course, the Phone Cops.

I think we'll have a bit more to say about what makes Season 4 of WKRP so special in two weeks when we cover "The Union" and "Rumors," but near the end of this week's podcast we do give a tiny preview of the upcoming season. We don't want to spoil either conversation, but suffice to say there's a lot that makes Season 4 of WKRP quite unique, and not just because this is our final opportunity to spend some time with this cast and these characters.

In the meantime, "An Explosive Affair" acts as a solid place-setter for the season. We go off on some fun tangents about the dual plots of the two-parter. Fittingly for our purposes, it's also quite a nostalgic pair of episodes. We have Johnny and Venus going to the transmitter to broadcast and encountering layer after layer of in-universe WKRP station history. And we also have the Big Guy seeing his old receptionist Joyce and engaging in a little "seems like old times" woolgathering with her. We've also got some very fine comedic performances, careful continuity, and even a bit of true danger (Johnny and Venus trying to survive a terrorist bomb at the transmitter and the Big Guy trying to resist the temptation to cheat on Carmen). So join us on Wednesday for HMOTD 040: The Phone Cops!

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