Monday, February 6, 2017

"It's a great country, isn't it? We like it."

Well, another season of Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser is at its end. And what a season it was! More guests, bigger episodes, huger Show Notes... and one of the weirder seasons of an already sometimes-weird show. We dish out a lot of meta- in our Season 3 wrapup show, dropping on Wednesday: about this season of the podcast, this season of WKRP, and this season of... our lives?

Let's face it; we all know 2016 was a kick in the gut. And 2017 so far is shaping up to make 2016 look like a walk in the park. Hard times are here, and we can't help but feel like we've seen it all before. Season 3 of WKRP's downward trajectory, its episodes covering serious social issues nearly every week of its final third... it all felt like our once-innocent escape into the past had somehow broken down all the temporal barriers between 2016-7 and 1980-1.

We won't say any more about our season-ending episode, but keep all those parallels we've been drawing between two election years, 36 years apart, in mind. We're also doing a lightning round of answering your listener mail questions and comments, as well as our usual look at our favorite and least favorite episodes of the season. Tune in on Wednesday, February 8 for our season finale, "Sad In Cincinnati"!

Edit: Oh, and we'll be back to our usual schedule of biweekly podcast releases on Wednesdays after another between-season hiatus! Watch our usual social media outposts for announcements on Season 4!

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