Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HMOTD 028a: Real Incredible People

Rob, Mike, and guest host Leah Biel take a look at the "reality TV" shows that inspired the WKRP episode "Real Families" and the history of reality TV.
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  1. HMOTD 028 did leave me wanting more - so thanks to all three of you for the Minisodes. Rob - during minisode 028a's discussion of reality TV of the era, I thought you might insert some CanCon and mention CTV's Thrill of a Lifetime, which ran from 1981-88 and featured ordinary Canadians fulfilling their lifelong dreams for the cameras. In looking at the list on Wikipedia, you will notice two (!) appearances by Shannon Tweed fulfilling her lifelong dream of posing nude for Playboy (how could that be considered good for TV?), lots of Canuck sports dreams (taking a pass from Wayne Gretzky, driving the Zamboni at the Montreal Forum, fishing with Red Fisher) and the appearance of a 19-year-old Dave Foley performing stand-up at the Improv in L.A. and of one-hit wonders Cats Can Fly (!!!!) performing at the prom of a "small graduating class" in an episode that turned out to be, mercifully, the final one of the series. Wonderful stuff.

    1. Terry, if it's CanCon ye be wantin', just WAIT until tomorrow's game show minisode.

    2. CanCon hunger satisfied! I just listened to 028b and I thank the three of you again for that diversion into the world of Definition and Jim Perry. I had totally assumed he was Canadian! Also, it was the Dream Warriors (yes, a Canadian rap duo - straight outta Willowdale!) who recorded "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style", which sampled the Definition theme, AKA "Sould Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones. Looking forward to the next minisode...