Monday, September 19, 2016

Do you ever turn that camera off? No? Oh.

This week, we've got an exceptional pair of WKRP in Cincinnati episodes to cover: the wild and sometimes surreal meta-ness of "Real Families" and the down-to-earth dramedy of "The Baby." And we're thrilled to also be able to welcome a guest host we've been waiting to have on the show for a long time, WKRP superfan and curator of the excellent Carlson Industries tumblr, Leah Biel! Leah's been a friend of the podcast since very early in the first season, and we're delighted to have brought her on for such a rich pair of episodes.

Here's the only problem (if you can even call it a "problem"): the three of us talked for almost two and a half hours! And as you know, we try to keep our episodes to about 70, 80 minutes. With clips, that's really only about an hour of conversation. And there were so many worthwhile tangents we slipped down during our 150 minutes on Skype. Editing this episode, which fell to me this week, was probably one of the toughest edit jobs I've had in the whole run of HMOTD.

We've clipped tons of worthwhile segments in our year and a half on the air, but this week more than any other demands that we give you, our loyal listeners, a peek into some of our Deleted Scenes. It's also more than a little appropriate this week, given how often in this episode we cite Leah's impressive collection of WKRP scripts, most of which contain scenes that never made it to air. With the absence of DVD special features on the otherwise-excellent Shout! Factory DVDs, these scripts are the closest anyone's likely ever to get to an official set of WKRP deleted scenes.

So next week, on our off-week, we'll be presenting a short "minisode" or two with some of the segments that just didn't fit into our final edit. They're still being assembled at this point, but you will definitely get our detailed conversation about the history of reality television and Leah's and my shared love of 1970s game shows (thanks to the presence of Peter Marshall and Johnny Olson in "Real Families") as well as some other goodies we couldn't fit into this podcast. The minisode(s) will show up on your HMOTD feed here, on iTunes and on Stitcher.

Stay tuned then, fellow babies, for our look at "Real Families" and "The Baby" on Wednesday, September 21 and then the week of September 26 for our Deleted Scenes!

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