Monday, February 29, 2016

Dear HMOTD Forum...

We've got a very funny episode of the podcast coming up on Wednesday, taking a look at the special one-hour WKRP episode "Filthy Pictures" from near the end of WKRP's second season. Our guest host, Sean Davidson, brings a special perspective to WKRP's tale of illegally-purloined dirty photos of Jennifer Marlowe and the changes happening to the print pornography industry of the early '80s, which we won't reveal until you get to hear the episode.

But unrelated to tales of print smut and dirty pictures, we need YOU to provide us with fodder for our upcoming Season 2 review episode, where we'll be taking a look at Season 2 of WKRP, some of our highlights from this season of the podcast, some inevitable meta-conversations about what we've discovered this season, and an extra-expanded HMOTD Mail Vault segment!

Which is where we need your help! We've already gotten some great questions and comments on both our Facebook page and in response to our Twitter account, but if you have a question for the hosts about WKRP In Cincinnati, about any of the history topics we've covered, or just about the podcast, let us hear it! You can always reply here at the blog or send us a DM on Facebook or Twitter, but the best way to reach us is via our email:

We'll try to answer as many of these questions as we can in our Season 2 wrap-up, which will be airing on March 30 (our nearly-one year anniversary!).

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