Wednesday, December 9, 2015

HMOTD 018: We Are Definitely Talking Cordoba

Mike & Rob talk Max Headroom, the ratings game, pork packing, and a surprising amount of Ira Glass, along with the WKRP episodes "Baby, If You've Ever Wondered" and "Bailey's Big Break."

(Full show notes appear at Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser two days after each episode is released. All audio clips are the properties of their owners/creators and appear in this work of comment and critique under fair use provisions of copyright law.)

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  1. Arthur's dad was named Hank. I think Mama says his name when she describes how she slowly took over the station from her husband's control - "I was good at it". I think it was the episode where the station has no heat and Mama drops by unexpectedly.

    1. We can count on the superfans to keep us honest! :) Mike and I are being pretty strict about watching the eps in order with the podcast, so there are definitely things like this that we won't catch until we get farther along.