Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays! When are they over again?

So after editing this week's Very Special holiday episode of Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser, there was just one thing we couldn't figure out: what to title it! Usually we use a memorable line from one of the two episodes of WKRP and leave it at that. But with "Jennifer's Home For Christmas" and "Sparky" we maaaaaybe didn't have the usual panoply of lines and catchphrases to choose from.

In "Jennifer's Home For Christmas" we see the hustle and bustle of the modern world and the stress of those two weeks before Christmas laid out clearly, robbing some of our friends at WKRP of their Christmas spirit. And I'll be honest, I was feeling pretty much the exact same way this Christmas. There's always so much to do, so much shopping to be done, so much planning... and all with something like 2 or 3 hours total of daylight every day. (I'm no astronomer, that may be an exaggeration.) Editing the podcast was only one of many Christmassy labors this year.

So finally, I sat down to the listen to the episode. And even after all that editing, I listened to the clips from the WKRP episode, and then us talking about our childhood Christmas memories, and our memories of Christmas television specials and cartoons and music, and... well, my cold dead heart grew at least three sizes right there, purely from jaded Gen-X nostalgia. It was finally Christmas.

And apparently Rob had a similar experience while listening to the episode; thanks to WKRP, the Christmas spirit finally took hold in both our holiday-harried hearts. So in honor of those cheesy 1970s and 1980s Christmas specials from our tube-addled childhoods, what other title could we eventually settle on than Rob's suggestion of... "The Year WKRP Saved Christmas." Fisher King bless us, every one!

We'll see you on Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. I just listened to your analysis of "Jennifer's Home" and Sparky. It's April, but even I got the Christmas spirit! Well done, and thank you for the consistently brilliant podcast companion to this great TV show.