Monday, January 9, 2017

Well, it's not a toy, that happens to be an unreasonable response to a reasonable situation.

We're coming up on another season's end for both WKRP in Cincinnati and Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser? As is our wont, we will be having a bit of a hiatus between Season 3 and 4 (our last!) and we will be doing our traditional season-ending wrap-up episode, due to air on February 8, a little under a month from now.

So, as usual... get your cards and letters in to us! We love answering listener mail! There's so many ways to get ahold of us:

New episode drops Wednesday morning, where we cover the adorableness of Arthur and Carmen once more in "A Simple Little Wedding" and look at urban paranoia in the early '80s in "Nothing to Fear But..."

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  1. I have a question for the Season 3 in review episode upcoming. In "A Mile in My Shoes", there is a line that has always perplexed me. Herb infuriates a fellow juror, of Italian descent, when he suggests the defendant is guilty because "he's Italian". But to settle the dispute, the Old Immigrant Man says "You're both wrong! The defendant is a Canadian". After which there is a collective response among the jury indicating that given that he's a Canuck, they should find him guilty. What does that mean? And guilty of what? Am I too inside my Canadianness to get the joke? Please explain.