Monday, December 26, 2016

"However... I'm not lecturing."

Two more episodes of WKRP this week from the downer back half of Season 3: "Secrets of Dayton Heights," about Les's unsettling discovery of his own paternity and his biological father's connections to the International Communist Conspiracy, and "Out To Lunch," about Herb's struggles with drinking on the job. Fun!

During our discussion of "Out To Lunch" in this week's podcast, we talk a little about WKRP's now-familiar liminal place in between two eras of pop culture: in this episode, between the "drunks are funny" and "alcoholism is serious business" eras. Our discussion leads us to talk about the 1980s era of "Just Say No," of cautionary tales about drugs and alcohol on TV, and of fearful raging alcoholics like Alex P. Keaton's horrible Uncle Ned.

So to celebrate this era, and to raise a glass/bong to the late Gen-Xers who were raised to fear every single recreational substance, here's a collection of PSAs from the 1980s about drugs and alcohol.

And to finish us up... play us out, Keyboard Cat!

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