Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Radio. What is it? Where did it come from... and where is it going?

Good morning, fellow babies! We told you we'd have more to say about our launch date before the end of this summer and well, here it is.

HMOTD 027 (covering "The Airplane Show" and "Jennifer Moves") will drop on Wednesday, September 7, and we'll be releasing episodes once every two weeks through February.

As usual, during the season, we'll be doing a quick Monday preview post with some thoughts about the episode and a detailed set of Friday Show Notes on each week we release a new episode.

There may be one or two special episodes to pad us out to another 13-episode season, but specifics on those episodes are up in the air right now. For now, know that you'll be getting a dose of HMOTD every fortnight starting in September!

As usual, we love to get your feedback as the season rolls on. You can leave questions and comments here at the blog, on Twitter at @HoldMyOrderWKRP, on Facebook at @holdmyorder, and you can always send in emails for the HMOTD Mail Vault at thebigguy at holdmyorderterribledresser dot com.

Until September, then... stay cool, fellow babies!

P.S. We made a slight improvement in our Blogger template that will now open all external links in a new tab in your browser! That's right, no more pesky requirement to hit the Back button when you're checking out every link in our Show Notes!

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