Monday, January 11, 2016

Pull the Other One: HMOTD on Stitcher!

Here Johnny Fever shows off some of 1978's wide variety of podcasting services.

Remember back in the first season of Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser? We tantalizingly promised that we'd soon be "on iTunes and... the other one?" Well, those of you with "the other one" phones, rejoice! We are now on Stitcher!

I don't own an Android, so navigating the wild 'n' woolly lawless frontier of Android listening is sadly beyond me, but I am told that the Stitcher app will hook you up if you do own an Android phone.

Editing on HMOTD 021 "Herb's Dad/Put Up or Shut Up" proceeds apace this week; watch this space next Monday for a quite likely Herb-centric Monday post.

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