Wednesday, July 8, 2015

HMOTD 010: Rock Throw, WV

Rob & Mike enlist the help of noted Community fan Jeff Wikstrom in navigating two unloved episodes of WKRP: "I Do, I Do... For Now" and "Young Master Carlson."
(Full show notes appear at Hold My Order, Terrible Dresser two days after each episode is released. All audio clips are the properties of their owners/creators and appear in this work of comment and critique under fair use provisions of copyright law.)

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  1. I have honestly not laughed this much listening to a podcast in a long, long time.

    1. Very glad to hear that, Brant. As I mentioned on Facebook, I just felt like this episode was Rob and I just giggling at stuff Jeff had to say.

      And in Rob's words in our outro, if you like what you hear, definitely tell someone about it! (not like you already haven't been a great hype man for the podcast) I'm not sure if Episode 10 is necessarily entry-level HMOTD, but... who knows. :)